• “I wanted to give back because of all the opportunities that were given to me. The Brothers were very supportive of me while at Saint Mary’s College, and I wanted to continue working with them.”

    Alisa Macksey, 00-02

  • “I wanted to foster my love of service, and to grow professionally.”

    Alina Rivas, 08-10

  • “I wanted to make a personal impact on the less fortunate. I was able to immerse myself in an environment that presented a perfect opportunity.”

    Nina Martinez, 09-10

  • “I considered lots of options after college. When the LV offer came through, I knew it was what I was called to do…to give something of myself in a place of need. It changed my life and my perspective forever.”

    Michael Kosir, 89-90

  • I wanted to make a difference in the lives of others. I was energetic and filled with a spirit to serve. The Lasallian Volunteers helped cultivate that spirit into the person I am today.”

    Sarah DeMarco, 03-05

  • “I became an LV because I believe in education.  Through the LVs I could have an impact on the education children in the city of Chicago receive; what I didn’t realize was, they also had an impact on me…”

    Kristen Cornicello, 05-07

  • “I wanted to make a difference in the life of someone who needed some extra help and kindness.  I also wanted to gain some real perspective and experience in a new environment.”

    Joan Bachynsky, 07-08

  • “I feel strongly about the mission of the Christian Brothers.  I embraced the opportunity that was provided to me to embark on such an experience.”

    Erik Utvik, 98-00

  • To work with youth, travel, and meet new people. What more could you want after graduating from college?”

    Kathrynn Solis, 05-07

  • “After graduating from college I knew I wanted to use my degree immediately and have health care, but I didn’t care about making money.  When my cousin told me all about the Lasallian Volunteers, I knew it would be the perfect fit.”

    Kevin Kuczynski, 08-10

  • “I attended a Lasallian college and was inspired by the Lasallian mission and movement. I wanted to continue to be a part of it even after I graduated, and I found that opportunity through Lasallian Volunteers.”

    Arthor Curley, 08-09 

  • “I wanted to better understand how to serve and love God and my neighbors. You can’t spell LOVE without LV.”

    Danny Klee, 08-09

  • I wanted to help where I could, learn where I couldn’t, challenge myself and cross the paths of fascinating people who still influence me today.”

    Kevin Daly, 94-96

  • “I wanted the chance to practice faith and service alongside a community of spiritual centered people.”

    Annie Harala, 06-08

  • “I wanted to continue the Lasallian tradition of service and community that I had learned so much about at Saint Mary’s University. I wanted to work where other teachers did not want to work because of the challenges that students brought with them and teach them not only academics but how to treat and interact with others in a Lasallian way.”

    Lisa (Thompson) Yousif, 05-06

  • “I had great service experiences in college that made me feel like I was making a difference. I wanted to take some time to do more meaningful work like that. I saw this as the last time in my life that I could take two years to do something this crazy!”

    Andy Weingarten, 08-10

  • I believe in the Lasallian mission, providing a human and Christian education to the young, especially the poor. I felt LV life, living and serving in community, was the best way to live the mission.”

    Marilyn Paquette, 99-01

  • “I was struggling with the notion that college was ending and I still wasn’t sure of my career path. Becoming an LV was an opportunity to focus my energy on something greater than myself and explore my faith in a new way.”

    Erin Arnold, 02-03

  • “I felt a longing in my heart to do more, to do something better. Spending two years of my life giving service to the Austin Community in Chicago is one of the best decisions I’ve made so far in my life.”

    Kiera Maguire, 08-10

  • “I wanted to explore my vocation as an educator.”

    Stacy Mick, 09-10

  • “I wanted to do something worthwhile and meaningful in my life, and I gained so much more than I imagined.”

    Connie Hernandez, 08-09

  • “Volunteering is something I really enjoyed and felt called to do before I started my career.  I continued for a 2nd year because I developed such a wonderful connection with the students and just couldn’t leave their lives like so many others had done to them.”

    Denis Block, 07-09

  • “I was drawn to the LVs because as I approached college graduation I sought a way to go out into the world and radically live the Gospel values. As an LV I was given that opportunity through living simply in a Christian community of prayer and providing service to those in need.”

    Justine Davies, 06-07

  • “I became an LV to try something I never imagined doing: becoming a teacher. It was a chance to really find out what I wanted out of life, and an experience that has changed me forever.”

    Antony Eddy, 09-10

  • “To serve those who need it the most.”

    Wendi Wrinkle Boselli, 94-95

  • “What I experienced in my two years of service as an LV was a dynamic group of Brothers dedicated to directly serving those in need.  By inviting us to work by their sides and to learn from each other in community, the Brothers taught me many important lessons about how life is to be lived.  For that, I am grateful.”

    Pete Amann, 90-92

  • “I wanted to teach where there would be much to give and even more to learn, with the help and support of experienced mentors.”

    Stacy (Fitzwater) Leard, 07-08

  • “I became a volunteer because I wanted to be a teacher and to serve.  After my first year, I wanted to work as part of the LV community serving in Greenville to help the Brothers in their mission.”

    Joe MacKinnon, 92-94

  • “I wanted to volunteer abroad after college but then I learned about the amazing needs we have at home and the amazing job the LVs were doing. No other program compared to the quality of impact that the Lasallian Volunteers were having.”

    Maureen Krause Brown, 04-06

  • “After taking advantage of various volunteer opportunities in college, I decided to join the LV program to continue my experience of teaching and working with underserved youth.”

    Chris Giangregorio, 01-03

  • “I knew it would give me an opportunity to learn about others and the importance of social justice. I also recognized the importance of having community support. Without a body of believers to support me through the challenges, I would not have survived.”

    Jennifer Hart, 08-10