Year: 2008

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Michael Carlson

Site: Christian Brothers Spiritual Center – Philadelphia, PA College: Loyola University Chicago What do you do? I work at...

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Katie Hills

Site: San Juan Diego Middle School – Racine, WI College: The Catholic University of America What do you do?...

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First Row Elizabeth Pillari, Nichelle Ingram, Samantha Wildhaber, Sonya Lee, Paul Avvento, Sarah Bellingham, Colleen Boyette, Sophia Cartagena, Connie...

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Brendan Corcoran

Site: San Miguel School – Tulsa, Oklahoma College: St. Mary’s University of Minnesota What do you do? I teach...

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Janet Solis

Site: Highbridge Community Life Center – Bronx, NY College: Loyola Marymount University What do you do? I work with...

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Ashley Prevost

Site: Lasallian Educational Opportunitites (LEO) Center – Oakland, CA College: Christian Brothers University What do you do? The LEO...

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