An LVs Run Scared Countdown: Top 10 with Ten to Go!

Gosia at Orientation 2011

Top 10 with Ten to Go!
by Gosia Szymanski (LV, 10-11)

Running has been part of my life since ninth grade. By running I mean being part of a cross country or track team. However, it was not until in college when running became a natural part of me. During my runs, I began to think and resolve all of my problems. While training in high school and in college, I always said I would love to run a marathon, but that seemed like a big dream of a distant future. The dream came true sooner than I have expected. On December 4, 2010, I have finished my first marathon in Memphis with my, then fiancé and now husband, Kuba.  But, we did not stop there. Our Polish, stubborn, goal oriented and fun personalities decided to run a Duluth marathon on June 23, 2011. After completing both marathons it was almost natural for us to set another goal. Being part of the Lasallian family, we decided to run the race that would support them! When we found out that it will be in Minnesota, we signed up for the half marathon.

LV Gosia with Brother Alvaro and LV Kathleen

Training for the marathon alone or with your husband is very difficult. However, when running with a goal of helping children, the difficulties go away and it becomes a joyful experience. If there was no fundraising for the program, we would not have volunteers in schools teaching children how to reach their goals.

Gosia with students of La Salle College High School other LVs

Here is a short list of things that keep the legs going…

1.    Thinking of children and students that I have met
2.    Keeping my mind free from distractions.
3.    Spending alone time with God in prayer.
4.    Listening to nature as it speaks through seasons.
5.    A challenge of going up the hill.
6.    A joy of going down the hill.
7.    Constant catching up to your husband that has longer legs than you.
8.    Pushing your limits
9.    Proving yourself that anything is possible
10.    Sharing the experience and story of Lasallian Volunteers program.

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