Eve of LVs Run Scared: How Do I Feel?

By John Dixon (LV, 09-11)

The LV Races for me are an opportunity to ensure that this Lasallian Volunteers remains available to those who wish to serve in the future. As is it said “we are the ministers, not the messiahs”; there are endeavors that we will finish that someone else started and there are some we will start that someone else will finish. Through the miles we run, as well as the money we raise we build strength in the core values this program has to offer future volunteers. How do I feel the night before the race? Well, I could give a long list of emotions, but I think I’ll stick to just expressing a few.

Part of me feels nervous because running such a long distance is rather new to me and I at times doubt that I can do it. However, reminding me of the cause behind this marathon helps put my nerves at rest. At the same time builds confidence in me to do it. Another part of me feels excited because it is an opportunity for many of the volunteers spread out across the country to reunite with each other. A chance to spend time together and discovered how we are all doing at our sites and communities. I also came to realize something in my training for this race- as I run I feel relaxed and reflective, almost as if I’m meditating as I run. Sometimes the work at my site leads me to feel rather overwhelmed and even frustrated; then after taking my four mile run my mind and body feel at ease. As I am running thirteen miles I believe my mind and body will feel even more at ease.

With such various emotions and thoughts racing through my mind the night before the race I may forget to get plenty of sleep before the big day; here’s hoping I don’t. The mind may always be active, but the body needs it’s rest. Mainly the way I feel about this marathon is happy, for several reasons. I am happy to be part of a cause that is dedicated to helping others for the better; to be able to venture to a new place and explore it’s features; and to be in great company as I make this venture. I’m proud to be a Lasallian Volunteer because it has enriched my faith in God and I’m therefore proud to take on any endeavor that helps enrich this program.


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