Jane’s New Energy (National Volunteer Week 2012)

Jane is one of the many examples of elderly individuals combating health issues with the fear of losing her independence at a senior care home in the Bronx.

She has overcome amazing obstacles throughout her life and her story provides the evidence of her perseverance. In her native country of Haiti, she found herself trapped in an abusive relationship due to her husband’s violent alcoholism. Fearing for the life of her children and her own, she fled the country with her kids despite the threat of being disowned by her family. She arrived in New York City and was able to provide a better life for her sons, who have now graduated from college and have families of their own thanks to Jane’s efforts.

Jane, a woman that has used her independence to create her own success and pave the ways for her sons, now faces a seemingly insurmountable road block. The impact and side effects of conflicting medications have bound her to a wheelchair contributing to feelings of loneliness. This loneliness has led to Jane feeling like she’s fading away into the background of daily life.

Thanks to the encouragement of a Lasallian Volunteer, Jane’s outlook on life has changed. After being encouraged to share her story and get involved with other residents at the senior home, Jane has realized her own potential to impact the world and people around her. By going the extra mile for Jane, this LV reminded her of the meaningful miles she can travel on her life journey.

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