2012 FSC Awards Recipients Announced!

Lasallian Volunteers is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2012 FSC Awards, which will be presented on June 28, 2012 at 6:00pm PDT in Dryden Hall on the campus of St. Mary’s College of California.

The 2012 FSC Awards recognize outstanding supporters of Lasallian Volunteers chosen from nominees in the Districts of San Francisco and New Orleans-Santa Fe.  Recipients are honored in the spirit of three Christian Brothers who embodied the Lasallian Volunteers values of Faith, Service and Community during their lifetime.

BJ Cassin, recipient of the Brother John Johnston Faith Award
The Johnston Faith Award recognizes a supporter who has expressed and/or demonstrated great faith in the work of Lasallian Volunteers by sharing time, talent, or treasure.  BJ’s faith in the Lasallian mission and support of it led directly to the creation of the Lasallian Volunteers’ director of development position.   BJ has also been a consistent supporter of the San Miguel Schools.  Several Lasallian Volunteers have served in these San Miguel Schools since their founding.  In addition, BJ has been a vital and generous resource of wisdom and guidance to Lasallian Volunteers staff members throughout the years.

Chris Giangregorio, recipient of the Brother Chris Bassen Service Award
This Bassen Service Award recognizes an alumnus of the Lasallian Volunteers who has continued a life of service since their volunteer years, incorporating the value of Lasallian service to the poor into the fabric of his or her life.  After serving as a Lasallian Volunteer from 2001 to 2003, Chris continued teaching at De La Salle at St. Matthew’s in St. Louis for several years.  Chris then returned to his home state of California to teach at De Marillac Academy, a Lasallian-Vincentian school in the Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco.  For the past six years, Chris has been an integral member of the school community, serving as a classroom teacher and Director of Student Achievement.  Last month, Chris was named Principal of De Marillac Academy.

Brother Anthony Lenz, F.S.C., recipient of the Brother Michael Farrell Community Award
The Farrell Community Award recognizes a Christian Brother and/or Lasallian Partner in Community who has lived with Lasallian Volunteers and who holds the community experience in high esteem for himself and shares it with the LVs.  For twelve years, Brother Anthony has been Community Director of the Saint La Salle Community, which staffs and serves the L.E.O. (Lasallian Educational Opportunities) Center.  Over the course of his experience living with Lasallian Volunteers, he has become a beloved community member and friend to all who is known for remembering birthdays, planning community trips, and fostering self-discovery.

For more information, contact Andrew Blythe at ablythe@cbconf.org

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