November 2012: Megan Davison

Service Site: Midwest District Office as a Development Assistant

University: George Washington University in Washington, DC

What do you do? As a Development Assistant, I am responsible for maintaining a synthesized communication stream, involving direct mail, magazines, online giving, social media, and eNewsletters.  I am helping to coordinate several alumni events, such as banquets, golf outings, and more recently a re-dedication ceremony.  I am also trying to soak up everything I can to continue to work in Development.

Why did you choose to become a Lasallian Volunteer?  Have your hopes about the Program been realized?
I chose to become a Lasallian Volunteer because I wanted to experience something bigger than myself.  I was seeking out a post-graduate service experience that would allow me to serve in some capacity, and the Lasallian Volunteers program appealed to me because I would be able to be part of a tradition steeped in charism and zeal-both traits that I constantly aspire to associate with.

In the past few months, I have had my hopes realized through my position in the office. Since there is no precedent for an LV working in Development, it was initially daunting because there is no baseline for performance. However, that is the exciting part because I have a chance to set the bar, both for myself and for others.

The De La Salle Community celebrates Halloween

How has your involvement with the Brothers affected you?
I was lucky enough to be taught by Brothers in high school, but my relationship with the Brothers and my perceptions about them have changed. I was never aware of the large extent towards their commitment to education and serving the poor.  It is the most amazing feeling to come home and have eight Brothers ask you how your day was, play a super competitive game of UNO, or go out to dinner for some soul food. Through all of the times that we have shared through community I am so thankful for the Brothers being a part of my life; shaping who I am, and how I respond to the world around me. (Yes I remain thankful, even when my community of Brothers keep asking me if I have found a husband yet).

Megan at the Midwest District office

Was there a moment where you felt accepted by your community or staff?
Honestly, the moment that I came out to my site visit, I felt accepted by both my community and my work site. I was a stranger to both places, the only knowledge they had of me was through reading my application.  The welcoming presence and outpouring of support and love I received caught me off guard, and to know that it was genuine truly touched me on another level. I could not wait to start my year of service and be surrounded by such caring people.

How would you like to continue your involvement with the Lasallian family after your time with the Lasallian Volunteers? 
My relationship with the Lasallian family is something that I will continue throughout my life. The people I have met along the way with such positive and charismatic outlooks, the potential ministries to be discovered -where else would I go? I feel that being Lasallian is not a temporary association, because the relationships you cultivate and the lessons you learn simply transcend what you even think is possible and challenge you to be greater than the sum of your parts.

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