Megan Weiss: Top 10 Reasons an LV Needs Popcorn

Megan Weiss, 11-13, La Salle High School, Yakima, WA

Popcorn has taken over my life as a Lasallian Volunteer. I use it so much between my roles as a teacher, Student Activities Director, and the Admissions Recruiter that I’m fairly certain I’ve had dreams about it. I thought it would be appropriate to make one of my top ten lists about how others could use this snack in their lives.

  1. You get to be the “cool” teacher that lets students eat during class. Need a quick Friday lesson plan? Play a movie in Spanish, make some popcorn and talk about the ways to say popcorn, butter and salt in Spanish. They get a fun lesson and you get a break. It’s a win-win.
  2. Little kids LOVE it. If you want kids to come to an event, just advertise free popcorn. You’ll have a line of kids a mile long getting excited about your school/program/event. Disclaimer: Little kids spill. A lot.
  3. It’s a fantastic night time community snack. Start popping popcorn in your community and it won’t be long before you’ve got a crowd around the stove in the kitchen, getting their favorite fixings out to share. It’s a great time to catch up with your housemates and it’s an incredible late night snack.
  4. Eating it does not require an extra trip to the gym. Ladies, popcorn is diet-friendly. It’s the kind of snack that you won’t regret later on. It’s healthy and helps you fit in your skinny jeans!
  5. A movie is incomplete without it. Seriously, how can you go to a movie and NOT have popcorn? It’s the perfect companion to a movie and is completely share-friendly.
  6. It travels well. Part of my new job this year as Admissions Recruiter is to go to community events and promote our ministry, La Salle High School. In case you’re wondering, you can absolutely make popcorn the day of the event (and by me, I mean my teaching assistants), put it in a large trash bag, throw it in your car and serve it at the football game later that night. Disclaimer: Your car WILL smell of butter and oil for the better part of the next week.
  7. It can make a marvelous ugly Christmas sweater. Pop some popcorn, string it, gently sew it onto a green sweater from the thrift store, and poof, you have magically transformed yourself into a Christmas tree. Add some tacky, homemade tree decorations, some tinsel and a star on top, and you’ll be the best dressed for your school’s Ugly Sweater Day.
  8. It’s a great way to put your boss and co-workers in a good mood. Start popping popcorn in your classroom and wait about a minute. You’ll have the other staff and faculty members not-so-innocently “popping” their heads in “just to say hello.” Don’t be fooled and definitely take advantage of it. Offer them a sample, just to make sure it tastes good. You never know when you might need a sub!
  9. Studies show that eating a healthy snack increases productivity, increases your brain’s ability to retain information and as a result can better function at a higher level. Got papers to grade? Need a last minute creative lesson? Is your class right before lunch lethargic? EAT POPCORN! It’s scientifically proven!
  10. It builds community. No matter if you serve it to future students, current students, faculty, or in your community, popcorn is one of those snacks that truly brings people together. It’s simple, delicious and a favorite by many. Try it out and see!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Megan Weiss, 11-13, La Salle High School, Yakima, WA

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