2013-2014 Request for LVs has been released!

December 4, 2012

Dear Lasallian Volunteers Community and Site Director,

With the end of 2012 rapidly approaching comes the recognition that it is time to begin planning for the next service year. We have spent the past semester on the road in search of volunteers for all of our renewing and new Lasallian Volunteers sites and communities. In order to better serve you, we ask that you complete a new Application for a Lasallian Volunteer. Having this information helps us communicate to our prospective volunteers the needs that exist throughout the country. We appreciate the time you give to this document.

Please read the enclosed materials closely.  The completed Application — parts one and two with the necessary signatures on the final page – is due to the Lasallian Volunteers office on February 15, 2013.

Attached you will find the Application Packet for Lasallian Volunteers:

  1. Blank copy of Application for Lasallian Volunteers for 2013-2014
    (Due February 15, 2013)
  2. The Lasallian Volunteers Policies and Procedures document
    This will be handed out to potential Lasallian Volunteers and discussed during their interview.  (Please note: this is a revised document that has undergone significant changes and please share with all community members. Also, it is likely that our retreat series will be further changing and developing for the 2013-2014 Service Year. We will keep you apprised as this develops.) Please contact jwagner@cbconf.org to receive this document.
  3. Financial Considerations Form
    (for your reference and planning purposes)
  4. Site Director and Lasallian Volunteer Contract
    (for future use)
  5. Lasallian Volunteer Site/Community Visit Checklist
    (for your reference; this is given to volunteer by LV staff before visit in May/June)
  6. A Checklist for Healthy LV Sites and Communities
    (for your reference and planning purposes)

Even if you are an existing site/community that completed this form last year, we ask that you take a moment to fill this application out again as we have added important information to this document and you may have a few changes. If you do not complete and submit a new application, your placement will not be considered for Lasallian Volunteers for the 2013-2014 Service Year.

If you would prefer a hard copy of the above documents please contact us and we will mail you the documents.

Important note: Directors of sites and communities seeking Lasallian Volunteers must have the approval of the District Administration before submitting an application. Please contact the Director of Lasallian Volunteers, Jolleen Wagner, if you have questions about this.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns!

Thank you for all that you do in support of the Lasallian Volunteers program!

Jolleen Wagner      Kimberly Williams          Andrew Blythe         Peter Tooher        Zac Ufnar

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