Chris Hueg: Learning to Trust with La Salle

“Stir up your trust in the Lord’s infinite goodness, and honor God by leaving in the divine hands the care of your persons. Be not troubled about the present or disquieted about the future, but be concerned only about the moment you must now live. Do not let anticipation of tomorrow be a burden on the day that is passing. What you lack in the evening, the morrow will bring you, if you know how to hope in God. “


Chris Hueg, 11-13, Bishop Loughling Memorial High School, Brooklyn, NY

Recently, on a Leadership Retreat with some of my freshmen and sophomores at Bishop Loughlin, I was a participant in a trust walk with the students. When asked if I was willing to participate, I searched for every possible excuse as to why I shouldn’t. I told them “I’ve already done a trust walk” with which they responded, “…but not this one!” More and more excuses were flooding to head, but for each one, there was a response as to why I needed to participate. In the end, I was hesitant, but said, “I guess, if you need someone else, I will do it.”

The activity was done in 2 parts: first part blindfolded, being led by someone and second part the reverse. I was paired up with a young, freshman guy, and I could see his nervousness in being paired with me. I assured him it would be fine, “just don’t make me jump 20 feet down and we’ll be all good!” The activity began, and I admit, I was so nervous that I tried peeking through the bottom of my blindfold, to assure me that the student was doing the right things. As the activity continued though, I really began to trust him and he trusted me and I put my whole self into what was happening.

This activity allowed me to reflect on my life experiences and some of the choices that I have made along my Lasallian journey. Often I struggle with being 100% with any decision I make; I find excuses for making that choice versus standing firm and confident or I try to peek through the blindfold and see what may affect me in the future versus living in the present. There is always room to think of the “what if’s” and “maybe I shouldn’t”. Joining the Lasallian Volunteers was all that I considered when it came to graduating college, but I also had a period where I really began to think, “Well maybe I could just change my mind and get a job, and be just as happy.”

At our annual Discernment Retreat, I was having a “discernment” discussion with one of the facilitators, and she presented me with the above prayer by St. La Salle. It immediately clicked with me about all the past choices I worried about making, and really wondering if they were the right decisions. After retreat, I printed a copy of the prayer and use it as a reflection when I am having a tough day or needing to make a decision and remain confident.

La Salle has been a role model for me as a teacher since I entered DeLaSalle High School in 2003, and now, ten years later, I feel that much more connected to his work and mission through all of my experiences! I am blessed to be involved with such a magnificent program and can’t wait to continue living my life through his mission wherever I go!

Live Jesus In Our Hearts. Forever!

Chris Hueg, 11-13, Bishop Loughling Memorial High School, Brooklyn, NY

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