Month: October 2013

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Megan Alexander-Short: Plans for the Future

Growing up with my grandfather, many of our conversations were sprinkled with one of his many, many, many sayings....

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Liana is Ready to Run

“While I don’t necessarily enjoy running before and during my workout, I love the feeling of accomplishment when I...

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Pat Blythe: Continuation

It’s been an exciting year in Albany, NY. Some might say that’s the unlikeliest of places for excitement, but...

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Anna Holt: Beginning Chapters in My LV Life

I have come to find out that one thing October is known for is National Book Month. I see...

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Kathleen O’Malley: What are you Celebrating Today?

Today I am celebrating making it through my first month of teaching! Did you know there is something to...

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October 2013: Emma Flowers

Service Site: Operation Breakthrough, Kansas City, MO University: Truman State University What do you do? I am the Education...

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