January 2014: Jackie Liberty

Service Site: La Salle Academy, New York

Jackie Liberty

Jackie Liberty

College: Saint Mary’s College of California

What do you do?

At LSA, I tutor students in the Academic Support Center, teach a Language Arts class, and help out wherever I can.

What is the most important “thing,” do you think, that your students need from you?

The most important things my students need from me are encouragement and a sense of discipline.  When I tutor them, I do my best to show them how much they already know and try to make them do things on their own.

Have you noticed any signs of success in your work?  

One of the students that I worked with last year was constantly on academic probation.  This year, he’s passing all his classes!

Which of the core values (Faith, Community, Service) are most important to you?  

Of the core values, Faith is the most important to me because I feel that it is the motivation for Community and Service.

What would you say to a friend from home who questioned why you chose to live with the Brothers?

Brothers are people, too!  And since they have spent so much of their lives living in community, their presence provides stability to community life.

Why would you recommend the LV program to a college senior considering volunteering?

The LVs get to see more of each other than volunteers in other programs do.  The opportunity to get together a few times a year–formally and informally–lets us share our experiences and lean on each other.

Why would you recommend a contribution to the LV program from a prospective donor?

Financial support from donors makes it easier for the LV program to provide guidance to the volunteers during the service year.

Jackie with LV Alum Alberto Guerrero

Jackie with LV Alum and mentor Alberto Guerrero

How would you like to continue your involvement with the Lasallian family after your time with the Lasallian Volunteers?

Though I would like to stay involved with the Lasallian family after my time with Lasallian Volunteers, I am not yet sure what form my involvement will take.  For now, I will do my best to stay in touch.

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