4th Annual Brother Brian’s Basketball Brackets

Greetings All of the Lasallian Community,brackets

Longer days thanks to moving to Day Light Savings Time, higher normal temperatures, and snow melting all means it is time for March Madness!  Selection Sunday begins the Fourth Annual Brother Brian’s Basketball Bracket (Quadruple B) Tournament!  I along with the Lasallian Volunteers Alumni Association hope you will participate this year and invite a friend to join in on the fun of picks and catching up with members of the Lasallian Community.  Last year John Dellipriscoli, LV 09-11, was our tournament winner.  Congratulations John, but now we will see if you can put a streak together as you join the rest of us as a member of the hopeful pack!

Returning participants from previous years can easily join by clicking the link below and logging in with your credentials.  New participants can join the bracket selection and tracking process by following these easy steps:

  1. Navigate to our group page: http://lv2012.mayhem.cbssports.com/e
  2. If you have a fantasy account, you will login with your personal name/password.  If you do not have an account, you need to create a free account following the on-screen instructions.
  3. If you participated last year, you will already be a member of our group; if you have not participated, you will have to join our group using the password “BrianHenderson” (no quotation marks and no space between Brian and Henderson).
  4. From there you just have to enter your picks, and they are already available.  You may fill up to three separate brackets.  Listed on the group page are scoring and other rules.

This group is password protected, but anyone that gets the password is welcome to participate.  This is completely FREE, and just for FUN!

When you choose to participate in the bracket challenge, you are choosing to continue to (re)connect with the LV program, and fellow alums around the country.  Whether you pick the teams based on science, colors, mascots, or pure randomness we want you to join in on the fun of friendly online competition and friendship conversation!  May the best (or luckiest) bracketologist win but moreover may we all enjoy the reconnection opportunity!

Feel free to pass this along to friends, family, and others.  You know us Lasallians all good fun folks are welcomed!  Chime in on the message board and social media to cheer for you team, your bracket, as well as the brackets of your friends.  Introduce yourself on the message board and meet some alums that you have never met before.  Maybe you will meet someone that lives very close to you!

This year we would like to hear about people branching out and hosting watch parties with nearby friends.

Best of luck to all with the 2015 BB-Basketball Bracket March Madness,

BBH with Scott Baietti, LV 08-10, as the technological brains behind this!


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