Brother Ed Phelan Service Week, August 22-29, 2015

Br Ed Club August 2014

Dear Fellow Lasallian Volunteers Alum,

When reflecting on our LV experience, we are reminded of the community we shared with our Brothers and fellow LVs. Brother Ed Phelan has walked with many of us during our time as LVs and has served as an important stone in our foundation as Young Lasallians through the numerous ways that he has supported, listened, motivated, and inspired us on our journey. This year, Brother Ed is celebrating his 75th birthday and we are thrilled to be able to honor him and his love for the Lasallian Volunteers movement.

Below are some ways that you can show Brother Ed your appreciation for his years of building community and 75 wonderful years of life.

1.    Participate in the Brother Ed Phelan Service Week (August 22-29, 2015)
Since Brother Ed has a well-known love of service, LV Alums will gather in seven cities across the country to engage in a service project to celebrate his birthday. If you live in one of the participating cities, please contact the corresponding LV Alum organizer to learn more about the service opportunity in your area!


LV Alum Organizer

Bay Area, CA

Carly Myrtle

Chicago, IL


Denver, CO

Melissa Spahr

Huntsville, AL

Erica Sage Pitts

Los Angeles, CA

Janet Solis

Minneapolis, MN

Kayla Bryson-Tucker

Sara Vogelpohl

Memphis, TN

Kenny Latta

New York, NY

Amanda Weingarten

Portland, OR

Sarah Jane Maher

Providence, RI

Sarah Laitinen


Kayla Bryson-Tucker, LV 12-14
Sarah Laitinen, LV 07-09
Sarah Jane Maher, LV 07-09
Erica Pitts, LV 06-08
Melissa Spahr, LV 09-11
Amanda Weingarten, LV 09-11
Whitney Wozniak, LV 12-14

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