Molly Nocera: “The Lasallian Mission is Now in Effect!”

Molly Nocera, 15-16, Catalyst Maria, Chicago, IL

Molly Nocera, 15-16, Catalyst Maria, Chicago, IL

My Lasallian journey began when I entered high school at La Salle Academy in Providence, RI. Over the course of my 4 years there, we would occasionally practice the mandatory drills in case of emergency; fire, storm, lockdown, etc… During our lockdown drills, our principal would announce over the loudspeaker, “The Lasallian Mission is now in effect.” This was a way to alert the school that we were facing a crisis.

This summer, my family and I faced our own crisis after the sudden passing of my dad. Being left with such a heavy heartbreak made it difficult to push forward. However, during our grieving, we became surrounded with unwavering support. It was as if the entire Lasallian Community was shouting, “The Lasallian Mission is now in effect.” I hadn’t even started my journey as a Lasallian Volunteer, and we were receiving cards, letters, texts, and emails from my Lasallian family.

As I begin my service at Catalyst Maria, a K-12 charter school in Chicago, I work to live by this example. Not only am I reflective of the outreach I received this summer, but the entirety of my time in the Lasallian community. I think about my time at La Salle Academy, followed by the completion of my undergrad at Saint Mary’s University in Minnesota. The teachers, staff, and Christian Brothers dedicated their lives to provide quality education and a responsive community.

Embodying Saint John Baptist de La Salle and his mission is not easy work! But don’t fret, because we are not alone. We are part of this vast and loving community working toward the same goals. I know that if De La Salle was physically with us today there would be a lot of high fives to go around. We should be proud of the good work the Lasallian community is doing around the world. Of course in saying that we still have a lot of work to do, so keep going!

How will you put the Lasallian mission into effect?

Molly Nocera is a 2015 graduate of Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota and a 2011 graduate of La Salle Academy, Providence.


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