Month: January 2016

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LVs Reflect, Build Community at Midyear Retreat

This year’s vibrant and dedicated group of Lasallian Volunteers (LVs) gathered together for the annual Midyear Retreat on January...

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Jacquie Martin: On the Camino – A Midyear Reflection

In the context of community, my faith life has been able to thrive. I had never been one to...

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Sarah Laitinen Named as New RELAN Representative to ICYL

Sarah Laitinen has been appointed by the Superior General as the new representative of the Lasallian Region of North...

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Dan O’Connell: Learning How to Juggle

Being a Lasallian Volunteer is like learning how to juggle. About a month ago on a Saturday morning, I...

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Application Available for Requesting 2016-2017 Lasallian Volunteers

Is your ministry interested in requesting new Lasallian Volunteers (LVs) or seeking the return of current LVs? The application for this...

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