Huether Inspires Lasallian Volunteers

web-lvsFifteen Lasallian Volunteers (LVs) were among the nearly 300 attendees of the Huether Lasallian Conference, which took place in Chicago, Illinois, November 17-19, 2016, with the theme “The Good Samaritan: Confronting New Poverties in the 21st Century.”

The 43rd annual conference offered a combination of speakers, breakout sessions and opportunities to build community with Lasallians from across the Lasallian Region of North America.

“Just meeting people who have the same mission,” said Abby Michels, a second-year LV serving at De La Salle Academy in Concord, California, who is also a graduate of Lewis University in Romeoville, Illinois. “Just being inspired by what they do and how we are all in different ministries. We experience different struggles and different successes, but the mission stays the same. Just to be with these people is so much fun.”

web-sat-lv-abby-casaThe Huether Conference also provided an opportunity for LVs to reconnect with each other and experience the wider Lasallian mission together.

“This is pushing us even further along in our journey, as well as just developing our knowledge of what it really means to be Lasallian,” said Ellie Cash, a second-year LV serving at San Miguel School in Washington, D.C. “To get to do that together outside of the context of just Lasallian Volunteers is unbelievably beneficial and just allows us to grow in a completely different way.”

web-and-e-blast-abby-ellie-katieAfter Huether, Katie O’Leary, a first-year LV serving at De La Salle Academy in Concord, California, who is also a graduate of De La Salle Institute in Chicago and Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota in Winona, was looking forward to bringing back to her ministry some ideas she picked up in the breakout sessions. She also hoped to share with her students the excitement she felt by being surrounded by others passionate about the mission.

“Every time I am in a situation like this, I grow deeper in my love and appreciation and desire to continue with the Lasallian mission in this Lasallian community,” said O’Leary. “I am Lasallian to my core, and I love seeing other people … continuing to grow and to give back to that community, and that’s what I hope to do forever.”

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