LVs ‘Award’ Best Moments at Debriefing Retreat

Best Group with Scott, Alina and Paxton sizedThe 2016-2017 Lasallian Volunteers (LVs) gathered together as a cohort for the final time for their Debriefing Retreat, which took place May 26-29, 2017, at La Salle Manor Retreat Center in Plano, Illinois. The retreat gave LVs the opportunity to relax, reflect, recharge and reconnect.

LV alums Michael Phipps, LV 09-11, Chris Hueg, LV 11-13, and Shanae Farrell, LV 12-14 and Brothers Ed Phelan, Michael Reis and Michael Kadow accompanied the 38 LVs as they navigated the retreat’s theme, “LV Awards.” They guided LVs through periods of reflection to help the volunteers single out their best moments and “award” their supporting actors/actresses, best song that summarized their experience, and best experiences of faith, service and community.

For first-year LV Diana Lockett, serving in Chicago, this weekend affirmed that she made the right decision to serve as a Lasallian Volunteer. “Being at Debriefing and seeing friends and building relationships has made me excited about returning to the program for a second year,” she said.

DSC_0166 sizedThe weekend was spent in reflection, personally and in small and large groups. LVs had the opportunity to share their challenges but also celebrate their triumphs recognizing and celebrating those who supported and encouraged their service year in ministry and community.

Jeff Lucia, a second-year LV serving in Rhode Island shared, “Being with everyone put my service year into a perspective that helped me reaffirm my own commitment to the Lasallian mission as well as commend others for their passion for that same mission. Overall, it has been an exceptional experience to be a part of this groups’ life even if only for this brief period of time.”

DSC_0076 sized“Scott and I really felt blessed to be able to assist with bringing closure to the 2016-2017 volunteer year,” said Alina Baietti. “As former Lasallian Volunteers, we’ve experienced the value of spending time reflecting on the year with fellow volunteers. Being able to guide the most recent cohort in reflecting on their experiences in faith, service and community strengthened our belief that the Lasallian Mission is alive and thriving.”

On Sunday evening, the program recognized the 26 LVs who will be exiting the program to pursue graduate school and work. Four of the exiting LVs have been hired on at their ministries for the next school year. Seven of the exiting LVs will pursue master’s degrees as LV Scholars at Lasallian colleges/universities.

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