Rachel Waletzko: What’s In a Goodbye

What’s in a goodbye?

It’s not knowing where to start

An attempt to find the right way

To express a grateful heart

As I dread counting down the days

What’s in a goodbye?

It’s the opposite of a “badbye”

And thank the Lord it’s so

For it signifies a time well-spent

An opportunity taken to grow

What’s in a goodbye?

It’s adiós to true barbecue

The land of Elvis and Soul

Adieu to midnight trains and planes

And Riverwalk at sunset strolls

What’s in a goodbye?

It’s taking a reflective, zoomed-out look

At encounters of candid diversity

Yes, Memphis, but De La Salle, too

A beautiful hub of humanity

What’s in a goodbye?

It’s instilling inside a dynamic mission

Faith, service, and community

“Forever Lasallian,” Brother Charles would say

Education that brings further unity

What’s in a goodbye?

It’s cherishing sown relationships

The Brothers, community, and friends

Mentors, colleagues, and students, too

Assuredly saying, “I will see you again.”

What’s in a goodbye?

It’s praising God for the gift of life

And for our human emotions, too

For I’d rather feel than not at all

Tears, signs of life, so true

What’s in a goodbye?

It’s never being able to find the words

For a time cherished beyond measure

To say to those who’ve touched you so

Undoubtedly a Heavenly treasure

What’s in a goodbye?

It’s the hope within the next chapter

The excitement of starting anew

But an intense game of trusting the Lord

With an unforeseen future, seemingly askew

What’s in a goodbye?

It’s journeying where we each are called

No matter what the cost

Saying “yes” as our own Mother did

The Voice of Peace, saying, “You’re not lost.”


Rachel Waletzko is a second year LV serving at De La Salle at Blessed Sacrament in Memphis, TN and is a 2016 graduate of Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota.

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