LV Alums Support Continued Formation

Throughout the month of August, this year’s 30 Lasallian Volunteers (LVs) gathered on Monday evenings for continued formation led by LV alums. Michael Phipps, LV 09-11, walked the LVs through ways of virtual accompaniment, no matter their role in ministry, focusing on the importance of creating relationships and fostering equity in their learning environments with their students. Maria Capitelli, LV 98-00, facilitated a conversation with the LVs on the various ways of experiencing grief, from their students and clients losing a loved one or pet, to grieving the end of their own college experience. Brother Dylan Perry, FSC, LV 10-11, former LV associate director, facilitated a session on prayer guiding and sharing to show what prayer would look like in their individual community settings and how they could bring their own faith backgrounds into the community.

Reflecting on his time with the LVs, Brother Dylan shared, “It was such a great experience to facilitate conversations about prayer and spirituality with the LVs. I was humbled and impressed by the attention and gravity they gave to considering how to provide meaningful and authentic prayer experiences in their communities and ministries. What a passionate and compassionate group of young people!”

As part of our ongoing formation for the LVs, these Monday night sessions provided space and opportunities for the LVs to fill their toolbox for this service year.

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