LVs Olympic Experience: From Start to Finish

The 2020-2021 Lasallian Volunteers (LVs) gathered as a cohort for the final time for the virtual Debriefing Retreat from June 18-20, 2021. Their time together was an opportunity to reflect, rest and reconnect with one another.

The retreat was facilitated by LV alums Chris Hueg, LV 11-13, and Shanae Farrell, LV 12-14. The theme for the weekend was “LVs Olympic Experience.” Hueg and Farrell invited the LVs to think about their journey, how they trained, races won and lost. LVs spent time in individual reflection as well as small group and large group sharing. LVs gathered virtually for socials, playing games and spending time together. Reflecting on the experience of accompanying the LVs during the retreat, Farrell shared, “The 2020-2021 LVs jumped hurdles, played multiple sports at one time, won many gold medals, and made history being a cohort that accomplished everything in a time of virtual teaching and pandemic challenges. Way to go, LV Olympians! What a blessing to witness and be in the presence of encouraging people. May God continue to shine light on their many journeys of educating and advocating for God’s children and beloved families.”

Hueg shared about the experience, “While we hoped to be in-person for this year’s Debriefing Retreat, the connection between the volunteers and their intentionality was nearly identical to what an in-person experience offers. The volunteers have persevered and overcome so many obstacles and challenges this year amidst a global pandemic and the opportunity to slow down and reflect was so necessary. Each time I am blessed to be a part of an LV retreat, I am reminded of the spirit of association, the community of like-minded individuals formed in the Lasallian mission, and the opportunity to reset in life. Thank you Lasallian Volunteers for your continued service!”

When reflecting on her experience and the Debriefing Retreat, second-year LV Kaiyun Chen, who served at The San Miguel School of Providence in Rhode Island, shared, “The Debriefing Retreat offered me a virtual space to reconnect with other Lasallian Volunteers and with myself. This will be my last retreat as an LV, I treasure being able to share my experiences with my small group and receive feedback for further reflection. I am looking forward to asking questions and embracing changes as some of the many lessons I’ve learned and reflected upon through my LV journey.”

First-year LV Pablo Cardenal, who served at DeLaSalle High School Minneapolis, Minnesota, shared, “This weekend was a space for self-reflection and gratitude, as I was able to simultaneously look back and ahead, making sense of the growth and blessings this year of service brought to me and many others.”

On Sunday evening, the program recognized the LVs who will be exiting the program to pursue graduate school and work. Five of the exiting LVs have been hired on at their ministries to continue working. Two of the exiting LVs will pursue master’s degrees as LV Scholars at Lasallian colleges/universities.

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