Selena Berry: Thank You for the Small Moments

Small moments are what I think about when I’m sad. I realize that I didn’t appreciate them while they were happening. I realize those memories are there to keep pushing me to create more memories. Knowing now that life is faster during trial and tribulation, I look around once in a while to not miss this thing we call life. At a point in life, living in Chicago was dull. Seeing the same things every day and even seeing the same people on the train was bothersome. Sometimes, even a large city like Chicago can seem very small. It was so small that I never saw myself getting out of there until I found out about aviation. Working with students and teaching what I love made more small moments in the big world of aviation.

Growing up, I was told I could be whoever I wanted to be but be true to myself. I hope I’m living up to those expectations. This year taught me so much about myself. One thing I learned is that my family will always be there. Life is a process of growing and really understanding how to be the best me. College and Lasallian Volunteers helped me with that, and I know I wouldn’t have this type of perspective without it. As a person who has growing interest and knowledge, everything else grows with it. My confidence, my ego and me as a person. Life is a process of growing and really understanding how to be the best me.

Selena Berry is a first-year LV serving at Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School in Brooklyn, New York. Selena is a 2020 graduate of Lewis University with a degree in Aircraft Maintenance and Management.

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