LVs Make Mark, Surpass LVs Run Fundraising Goal

The 16th annual LVs Run surpassed its fundraising goal of $30,000, thanks to the hard work of Lasallian Volunteers and generosity of donors. The run took place locally to where the LVs live in community and serve on Saturday, November 13, 2021.

LVs got creative once again this year, after last year’s run was held virtually due to the ongoing pandemic. This year’s LVs committed to running and/or walking around landmarks in the city/town where they are living and serving for each donation received.

The LVs serving in Philadelphia, Racheal Bailey, Emma Mockler and Kayla Little, ran up and down the Art Museum of Philadelphia stairs (more popularly known as the Rocky steps) for each donation they received. Diana Carey and Mila Kuchta, who serve at San Miguel School in Washington, D.C., took their laps around the Lincoln Memorial.

Christian Camacho, who serves at DeLaSalle High School in Minneapolis, Minnesota, shared this about this LVs Run experience. “On a brisk Saturday morning, Brother Dennis and I left Nicollet Island to embark on our walk over the Stone Arch Bridge. Brother Dennis was wearing his stylish jean jacket with two Keith Haring stitches on it, and there I was with my obnoxious green and gray Eagles beanie to get me through the morning.” He continued, “When we walked over the Stone Arch Bridge in August, it was packed with people. This time, it seemed as if the bridge was blocked off and only available for Brother Dennis and me. Three months into living with the Christian Brothers and being a part of Lasallian Volunteers, walking across that bridge symbolized me walking across to a new stage in my life; opening a new line of communication and union between God and me. It wasn’t just Brother Dennis and I walking across that bridge; we also had the Patron Saint of Teachers walking along with us, praying for us each step of the way.”

Racheal Bailey, a second-year LV serving at West Catholic Preparatory High School in Philadelphia, served on the LVs Run committee and was the guru who put the LV videos together this year. “We have made our mark! I am so proud of our cohort! Even though we are engaged in our ministries and communities, we still found the time to commit to the LVs Run. It was an honor to work on everyone’s videos and to get a glimpse of where they are serving. I know it took a lot of our time and effort to execute this year’s run, and the hard work does not go unnoticed. We are so thankful for all of the support we have received from everyone; it means so much.”

Selena Berry, a second-year LV serving at Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School in Brooklyn, shared, “The 2021 LVs Run was an exciting experience for me. After breaking my ankle earlier this year, I appreciated the ability to walk. Coming back to the program healed, I was able to build my strength in my ankle from walking to work and exploring New York City. I wanted to be able to make this year’s run as great of an experience, for not just me, but for all volunteers. I joined the committee and tried to do just that. I feel like it came out a success, and I hope people had fun with the run and the promotional videos. I know I definitely did!”

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