LV Debriefing Retreat: Time Has Come Today!

The 2021-2022 Lasallian Volunteers (LVs) gathered for the final Debriefing Retreat from May 27-30, 2022, at La Salle Manor in Plano, Illinois. Their time together offered an opportunity to connect with one another and reflect on their year.

The retreat was facilitated by Brother Brian Henderson, FSC, who came off the retirement bench for this special retreat. Having facilitated the retreat for years before “retiring” in 2015, Brother Brian brought to the space his deep passion and love for the Lasallian Volunteers. Brother Ed Phelan, FSC, Maria Capitelli, LV 98-00, Chris Swain, LV 04-06, Anthony Carbone, LV 14-16, Chris Hueg, LV 11-13, and Rachel Bowers, LV 16-19, joined Brother Brian in guiding the LVs through the retreat experience.

“I was blessed with the privilege of facilitating this last Debriefing for the LV program,” shared Brother Brian. “This final cohort possessed a fabulous spirit, looking forward to maintaining contact with LV alums and other Lasallians as they continue their inspired journey forward.”

First-year LV Daniel Nguyen, who served at De La Salle Blackfeet School in Browning, Montana, shared of his experience, “Debriefing was a weekend I’ll never forget. Not only were we wrapping up our year of ministry, but we were also saying goodbye to a program that changed all our lives. The program may be coming to an end, but the values of faith, service and community will stay with us no matter where our lives take us.”

“The 2021-2022 cohort of Lasallian Volunteers has shown incredible grace and perseverance in journeying this service year,” shared LV staff member, Michael Phipps, LV 09-11. “Gathering them one last time to reflect upon their experiences and look toward the future provided a hopeful, inspiring setting in which to witness the love, passion and faith this group of young people has brought to their classrooms, libraries, study centers, student support offices and communities. Over the course of the weekend, with laughter, tears and plenty of hugs, the final cohort of LVs showed what it truly means to be forever Lasallians.”

On Sunday evening, the program commissioned the LVs as LV alums. Five LVs will be returning to their ministries in either volunteer or paid positions next year. Four LVs will pursue master’s degrees as LV Scholars at Lasallian colleges/universities.

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