Alumni Association

Former Lasallian Volunteers continue to serve long after their terms are complete.

Over 750 men and women have served as Lasallian Volunteers since the program’s founding! The impact Lasallian Volunteers make does not stop after leaving the program. Many LVs are hired at their ministry after service and have access to a wide network of opportunities within Catholic education. The professional, spiritual, and personal development that LVs experience forms them into servant leaders in a number of fields. LV Alums hold leadership positions in educational institutions from elementary schools to universities. Not all LVs continue in educational ministry; alums put their experience to good use serving their communities as doctors, lawyers, accountants, and so much more!

LV Alums are an invaluable part of the program.

With these valuable resources at our fingertips LV Alums are intricately involved in the programming provided to current LVs. Alums serve as Alumni Mentors, Spiritual Companions, and Professional Mentors through formal roles within Lasallian Volunteers. Additionally, Alumni participate in retreats and other gatherings organized by the program, alums, or current LVs that foster enriching experiences and relationships for everyone involved.

Alumni Association

If you are an LV Alum, we would like to keep you connected to the program, to one another, and to the transformative experience you were a part of as a Lasallian Volunteer. There are many ways for you to stay involved.

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