Br. Ed’s Club

Named in recognition of Br. Ed Phelan and his continuing years of tireless service to the program, any Lasallian Volunteers alumnus who donates every year—regardless of the amount or method— is officially a member.

As an alumnus, your generous donation to Lasallian Volunteers automatically renews your membership in Br. Ed’s Club, the giving society that recognizes LV alumni who make a gift to the program each year. Your continuing support is important to us because:

  • You are a Lasallian Volunteer forever—part of the ever-expanding movement that adds new members to our numbers each year without forgetting our existing members.
  • You have lived the Lasallian shared mission in association by encountering fellow Lasallians, and by being vibrant examples of faith, service and community.
  • You continue to do Lasallian “things” with your lives, carrying with you the experience of serving the least, the last, and the lost.


  • Br. Ed’s Club welcome gift
  • Listing of membership on LV website and in LV newsletters

Renew your membership or join Br. Ed’s Club with your donation today! It is because of alumni like you that we continue to flourish, grow and fulfill the needs of children and families all over the country. Thank you for your service and incredible support.

*Br. Ed’s Club recognizes Lasallian Volunteers alumni who donate every year—regardless of the amount or method. Br. Ed’s Club Members have until December 31, 2019 to make a 2019 donation and maintain their official standing within Br. Ed’s Club.

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