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Max Conrad: Vocation, Seeing the Bigger Picture

The first year doing anything is hard. Moving the furthest from home you’ve ever lived or adapting to new... Read More

Jessica Bauer: A New Normal

Take a deep breath. In and out. Open your eyes to everything around you. What do you notice? What... Read More

November: San Miguel High School

Our November Ministry of the Month highlights San Miguel High School in Tucson, Arizona, and is a part of... Read More

Fall Newsletter 2020

Take a look inside the 2020 Fall Newsletter, which highlights the 2020-2021 LVs, program highlights for the year! Click... Read More

Regina Bettag: Connecting to God through Nature

Golden leaves flicker in the breeze like small, warm flames. They float like little confetti fireworks, dancing their way... Read More

Lasallian Volunteers Accepts Applications for Recruitment Coordinator

Lasallian Volunteers, a program of the De La Salle Christian Brothers, is seeking qualified applicants for the position of... Read More

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