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Ben Peters: Meditation and Vocation

In his Meditations for the feast of St. Bruno, SaintJohn Baptist de La Salle wrote, “Piety by itself is ordinarily... Read More

Lasallian Volunteers Honor SFNO Lasallians with FSC Awards

The Lasallian Volunteers (LV) honored three supporters from the District of San Francisco New Orleans (SFNO) at the 10th... Read More

Ashley Mitchell: Serving with Dignity

I can honestly say figuring out what to write about for my blog has been very challenging! This opportunity... Read More

October: La Salle Academy

In this month’s “Ministry of the Month” we are featuring La Salle Academy in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, which is part... Read More

Regina Bettag: And So the Adventure Begins…

There is an excited rumble in the first few days before school starts: the mad rush of trying to... Read More

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