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Regina Bettag: Connecting to God through Nature

Golden leaves flicker in the breeze like small, warm flames. They float like little confetti fireworks, dancing their way... Read More

Lasallian Volunteers Accepts Applications for Recruitment Coordinator

Lasallian Volunteers, a program of the De La Salle Christian Brothers, is seeking qualified applicants for the position of... Read More

Katie Bauser Announces Departure

Katie Bauser has announced her departure from Lasallian Volunteers effective October 16, 2020. She joined the LV staff in... Read More

October: DeLaSalle High School

Our October Ministry of the Month highlights DeLaSalle High School in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Maximillian (Max) Conrad is a second-year... Read More

Aldontae Guess: First Steps into a New Frontier

“I envy you; the world you’re going to. I envy you; taking these first steps, into a new frontier”... Read More

Daniel Walton: Embracing the San Miguel School Mission

I had a moment, not too long ago, where a student said to his mom, “I love this school!... Read More

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