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Davina Runkaputi: The Smile of a Student

It’s around 7:20 a.m. when I arrive at school. I look up to see a smile on one of... Read More

Maddi Larsen: Focus on Trust

At a staff retreat for The San Miguel of Providence, we were each given a quahog shell (which is... Read More

May: Part of the Solution (POTS)

In this month’s Lasallian Volunteers “Ministry of the Month,” the District of Eastern North America is featured. The ministry... Read More

Julia Mach: Building a Relationship Beyond the Classroom

How to Make a Bulletin Board (Step-by-Step) Go on Google, search keywords like “school bulletin boards” or “inspirational boards”... Read More

April: De Marillac Academy

In this month’s “Ministry of the Month,” the District of San Francisco New Orleans is featured. The ministry is... Read More

Lasallian Volunteers Seek Nominations for 2019 FSC Awards

We are accepting nominations for the 2019 FSC Awards for Lasallians in the District of San Francisco New Orleans... Read More

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