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​Welcome to our LV Shared Blog, a space to capture the thoughts and experiences of the 2021-2022 Lasallian Volunteers— 16 voices strong with a lot to say. Each of their posts will reflect on different aspects of their journey through a year of faith, service, and community as they serve those in need throughout the United States. You will hear from a different LV who will be sharing a little about their service year. May their stories inspire you to make an impact as they remember, reflect and write.

Mila Kuchta: First-Year Teacher, Again

Feel free to disagree with me, but I think that no matter how much you prepare for something, you’re... Read More

Christian Camacho: Discovering New Definitions of What It Means to be Lasallian

I did not think that I would ever find God again, but I found him on a brisk Tuesday... Read More

Ian Robertson: New Beginnings

Beginnings and endings always seem to be wrapped up in each other. The sweetest moments are often those that... Read More

Selena Berry: Thank You for the Small Moments

Small moments are what I think about when I’m sad. I realize that I didn’t appreciate them while they... Read More

Kayla Little: Three Signs That You Need to Repeat the Seventh Grade

Each day when I’m greeted by their smiling faces, I always know that I will be in for a... Read More

Audrey Hand: Building Relationships 3,000 Miles Away

During my interview as a prospective Lasallian Volunteer, I was asked how comfortable I would be living away from... Read More

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