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​Welcome to our LV Shared Blog, a space to capture the thoughts and experiences of the 2018-2019 Lasallian Volunteers— 39 voices strong with a lot to say. Each of their posts will reflect on different aspects of their journey through a year of faith, service, and community as they serve those in need throughout the United States. You will hear from a different LV who will be sharing a little about their service year. May their stories inspire you to make an impact as they remember, reflect and write.

Alexis Bustamante: So, What Do You Do?

“You’re a dean.” “You’re the tardy lady.” “You’re security.” “You’re a teacher.” “You’re a counselor.” All the things the... Read More

Sam Wilson: Leaning into Discomfort: A Call to Social Justice

What was the moment, day or circumstance in your life when you were called to social justice? I was... Read More

Zack Wojcik: Please Stand Forever

I’ve been blessed enough to experience some wonderful events in my 24 years on this earth. I’ve been in... Read More

Sarah Sprinkle: “Wow! All this, and heaven, too!”

Reflecting on the Goodness of Community As I considered what I could possibly write about to capture or synthesize... Read More

Albert Chic: Following Your Heart, Not the Noise of Life

Just one year ago I was doing my internship at a human resource consultancy, being one of my first... Read More

Davina Runkaputi: Returning as a Second-Year Volunteer

Compared to my first year as a Lasallian Volunteer, I can say that the second year definitely has a... Read More

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