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​Welcome to our LV Shared Blog, a space to capture the thoughts and experiences of the 2020-2021 Lasallian Volunteers— 30 voices strong with a lot to say. Each of their posts will reflect on different aspects of their journey through a year of faith, service, and community as they serve those in need throughout the United States. You will hear from a different LV who will be sharing a little about their service year. May their stories inspire you to make an impact as they remember, reflect and write.

Julia Mach: Finding the Right Recipe in Your Community

Up until this year, I have had very little experiences with cooking, especially for big groups of people. In... Read More

Olivia Brophy: Radical Availability

Recently, I was having a conversation where I was asked about what being a teacher is like. There’s really... Read More

AnnaMarie Carmazzi: The Transition Out of College

People tried to explain to me I would have some extra time on my hands post graduating from college... Read More

Jessica Bauer: The Joy in Surrendering

Surrender​: (verb) a willful acceptance and giving up of one’s own will and subjects their thoughts, ideas and deeds... Read More

Pepe Esteso: De compromiso en compromiso.

Mi nombre es Pepe Esteso, tengo 29 años y aunque nací y viví toda mi vida en España, actualmente... Read More

Pepe Esteso: From Commitment to Commitment

My story up to this point is long: I studied all of grade school at La Salle Paterna, the... Read More

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