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Max Conrad: The Truths That We Will Teach

In my community we begin every morning with prayer and reflection. When it is my week to lead prayer,... Read More

Sarah Sprinkle: “Wow! All this, and heaven, too!”

Reflecting on the Goodness of Community As I considered what I could possibly write about to capture or synthesize... Read More

June: John XXIII Educational Center

In this month’s “Ministry of the Month,” the Midwest District is featured. The ministry is John XXIII Educational Center... Read More

Pilgrimage Honors Brother James Miller, Touches Hearts of LVs

A powerful pilgrimage touched the hearts of Lasallian Volunteers (LVs) and others as they more deeply connected with the... Read More

Debriefing Invites LVs to Reflect on their ‘Hike’

With the theme “Your LV Hike,” the 2018-2019 Lasallian Volunteers (LVs) gathered as a cohort for the final time... Read More

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