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Catalyst Maria, Chicago, IL

Catalyst Schools are rooted in an educational philosophy and pedagogy in which a child is holistically educated by a... Read More

Maria Kaupas Center, Chicago, IL

The Maria Kaupas Center is a Catholic space where spirituality, community and leadership merge creating opportunities for the people... Read More

St. Rita’s Catholic Central School, New Orleans, LA

http://stritanola.org/ St. Rita Catholic Central School students practice their faith in an environment in which the Good News of... Read More

St. Frances Academy, Baltimore, MD

www.sfacademy.org Located in the shadow of abandoned row houses, vacant lots, and a prison, Saint Frances Academy succeeds in... Read More

Roncalli High & St. Francis of Assisi, Manitowoc, WI

www.roncallijets.net Roncalli High School serves a four-county area in Northeastern Wisconsin and the parish serves 10,000 people in the... Read More

Holy Ghost Elementary School, New Orleans, LA

Holy Ghost Catholic School has served the African American Community in the uptown area of New Orleans for 89... Read More

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