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Lasallian Women are Getting and Giving, More and More

by Br. Ed Phelan, FSC As Lasallian Volunteers (LV) approaches its 25th year, one major trend continues to unfold—the...

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Finding One Another

This year, alumni of the Lasallian Volunteers have married each other in record breaking numbers: four couples in as...

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2012 FSC Awards: Impact

"...to sum it all up: Through Brothers Chris, John, and Michael, I have seen compassionate work in action, been...

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Thank You from LVs Ride

Wow, what an incredible summer! I am still processing the whole experience and often have to remind myself, –we...

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Lasallian Volunteer Reflection on Discernment

by: Toynessa Kennedy, 10-12 Since I started serving and participating in community as a full time...

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